Skin Needling Treatment

The PERFECT solution to problematic skin! A treatment that is carefully performed using a dermal roller of micro-needles, to penetrate the dermis and create micro-channels in the skin.

Followed by a Mesotherapy cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and amazing skin rejuvenating ingredients.

The general process of Skin Needling is highly effective in targeting general scarring, acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and tired, dull skin


GLOW- Anti-Pigmentation & Skin Rejuvenation

REFRESH- Skin Rejuvenation & Hydration

TIGHT- Lifting & Skin Rejuvenation


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BBGlow Treatment

BBGlow is an advanced treatment which is designed to implant skin pigment into the upper layers of the epidermis, creating the look of permanently tinted moisturiser; reducing the appearance of freckles alongside brightening and evening out the complexion, disguising scarring, uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

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