Luxe Celeb Package

Luxe Celeb Package Promo

Our Luxe Celeb Package is our most glamorous & luxurious filler package out of the filler packages that we offer. This package includes 3ml of Juvederms most luxurious filler (Volift & Voluma). The filler can be used across any facial area that you like e.g. lips, jaw & chin, cheeks, tear trough.

This package is the absolutely essential if you would like to wake up every morning looking like a real celeb!

The Luxe Celeb Package is £500 (RRP: £600), so you receive a £100 discount on this incredible filler.

Red Carpet Ready Package

red carpet ready image

Our Red Carpet Ready Package is one our most popular choice for a majority of our clients! This fantastic package includes 4ml of Revolax filler spread across any facial area you desire e.g. lips, jawline & chin, cheeks. You could even get 4ml in one area, like your jawline for example.

This package is perfect if you are considering getting multiple filler treatments, at a discounted price than if you booked them at separate times!

PRICE: £450 (RRP: £560)

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