Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Botulinum Toxin treatments (or anti-wrinkle injections) delivers the drug to the nerves within the muscles, which blocks signals that usually create wrinkles. This gives a result that let the muscles relax and creates a smooth and wrinkle-free appearance.

A client must book in for a clinical consultation with an on-site nurse prior to an anti-wrinkle injection treatment!

Areas that can be treated with Anti Wrinkle Injections

1 – Forehead – reduce the lines found on the forehead
2 – Frown – reduces the lines created between the eyebrows
3 – Crows Feet – reduces the lines next to the eyes
4 – Bunny Lines – reduces the lines found on the nose
5 – Gummy Smile – drops your upper lip to cover the gums
6 – Lip Lift – can be used in conjunction with fillers to lift the lip outwards
7 – Smoke Lines – soften the lines created around the lip area
8 – Marionettes – reduces down turning around the mouth
9 – Jaw line – soften the jawline, which can create a thinner silhouette of the face. Can also help reduce teeth grinding
10 – Jowls – aids with sagging of jowls and softens the jawline to create a slimmer silhouette of the face
11 – Pebble Chin – stops chin from wrinkling and can elongate the face
12 – Neck – aids with the sagging of skin and prevention of protruding neck chords

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