LASH LIFT COURSE (including tinting)

Course Outline:

Our 4-hour intensive Lash Lift training course is perfect for those who are currently working in the beauty related industry or hold beauty qualifications and would like to expand on the treatments they can offer to their clients.
Lash Lift & Tint is a procedure to curl and colour eyelashes. This treatment is an alternative to lash extensions and false lashes as it gives your natural lashes a long lasting lengthening / curled effect.

This procedure also works so well that many people no longer use mascara products – helping to shorten their makeup routing.

This is a very in-demand procedure and is perfect if you are looking to offer a treatment with instant results and added long term benefits. On this course, you will watch a live demonstration and you will also be performing lash lift on a model, which you can either source yourself or we can provide.
The course is open to people from all professions and backgrounds and everyone is taught at the same level. The profit margin for this procedure is very high and is a great investment if you are looking to boost your income.

**Also available combined with Brow Lamination – contact us on 01254 399451 option 2/3 for more information**


  • Introduction to Lash Lift / Tint
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Health & safety
  • Contra-Indications
  • Contra-Actions
  • Consultations
  • Treatment
  • Aftercare


£150 + VAT = £180 (Starter Kit Included)

The course requires a £100 deposit to secure your place.

lash lift treatments

Professional Lash Lift Certification with Cosmetic Aesthetics


A lash lift is like a perm for your eyelashes – it curls and boosts each individual lash. Unlike lash extensions, a lash lift treats your natural lashes making them fuller and more lifted. If you have unruly eyelashes that either point straight forwards or at random angles, a lash lift will make them curl upwards, really making your eyes pop.

A good lash lift can last anywhere between six to twelve weeks. As always, this does depend on how well you look after your eyelashes after treatment. It’s important to keep them dry for at least two days after seeing your beauty therapist and moving forwards, avoid oil-based makeup which can disrupt the solution used.


What Are the Benefits of Lash Lifts?


Each lash is carefully isolated, lifted into its new position and set in place with lifting lotion. Once processed, the lifting lotion is removed and a setting lotion applied to keep your lash in its new voluminous position. Lash lifts are an alternative to fake lashes or lash extensions, helping the client make the most of the lashes they already have. Here are some benefits of having a lash lift;

–          Improves the appearance of your natural eyelash

–          Can be used on lash lengths from short to long

–          Gives the appearance of darker, longer and thicker eyelashes

–          Easier to upkeep than eyelash extensions

–          A quick treatment with minimal aftercare needed

–          No need to use mascara afterwards as your lashes will look thicker and darker

–          Makes you more confident about your own lashes


Why Have Lash Lift Training?


Lash lift treatment is an in-demand procedure. By completing the lash lift certification training, you’re opening yourself up to make more money in your beauty business. You’ll be able to get hours at a beauty salon providing lash lifting or start your own beauty venture.

If you just love keeping your own eyelashes looking beautiful, you could also help your friends and family. The lash lift course is open to people from all professions and backgrounds. Taking this course is a great investment in your future and gives you a new skill to boost your income.


Aesthetic Cosmetics Offer a Leading Lash Lift Course – Secure Your Place Today


Aesthetic Cosmetics offers one of the best lash lift courses and are a nationally recognised training academy. All our courses are accredited by the ABT or CPD and you’ll get a genuine certification on completion of the course. Led by the founder Michelle Green, training is offered to qualified and pre-qualified technicians.

Outline of the lash lift course;

–          Introduction to lash lift/tint

–          Anatomy and physiology

–          Health and safety

–          Contra-indications

–          Contra-actions

–          Consultations

–          Treatment

–          Aftercare


This is an in-demand treatment offering instant, long-lasting results. You’ll get to watch a live demonstration and then perform a lash lift yourself on a human model. You can book in for the Cosmetic Aesthetics lash lift course by filling out the online form and paying a £100 deposit to secure your place. Grab your spot while places last! Get in touch now with any questions you may have.

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