How to Heal Your New Tattoo Perfectly (Microblading Edition)

There are many different techniques to healing your brand new microblading procedure, and as long as you’re not doing it WRONG then you should be ok! However, we have put together a few tips and tricks that will help with the healing process and leave you with amazing results!


Keep the area that you have had the procedure done clean!

This is one of the most important factors to consider. You MUST keep the area clean at all times to avoid the risk of an infection or thick scabs. Although it is completely normal for the area to scab over, you want to reduce the amount of scabbing that takes place. Therefore, by keeping it clean over the next 1-2 weeks, you will avoid those nasty big scabs that can potentially occur and reduce the risk of infection drastically!


Do not touch the pigmented area, and especially do NOT pick it either.

This is also just as important as the first tip; you need to leave the area alone. It is vital that you do not touch the area that you have had Microbladed as bacteria can enter the open wound and possibly lead to infection. The only excuse you should be having is if you are washing it, you do not want to end up with patchy and faded brows and have to pay for numerous top ups in the future. We recommend Vitamin A&D ointment during the scabbing & flaking stage. This ointment gives the skin the essential vitamins to repair much easier and faster and leads to longer lasting brows. You can buy Vitamin A&D Ointment from our online shop here:



Please make sure you do not get the area wet for at least the first few days (and by this we mean that you should not bathe the pigmented area). This is quite easily done by avoiding anything such as baths and pools, as well as saunas! You can take a shower as normal, so long as the water is at a lukewarm temperature and not too hot. Please do not scrub the area with any sort of facial product as this will cause implications with the healing of your new brows and can prolong the time of the healing process. Finally, STAY AWAY from Sunbeds! The UV Rays that are projected onto your skin are very bad for your treated area especially during the healing process and can cause it to be quite an uncomfortable healing experience.


Do not worry after all of the scabs fall off (naturally) and it looks like the area has lost all its pigmentation.

This is something we get asked a lot and is the biggest concern of most clients we have. Please do not worry about this, although it may seem that all of the pigment has washed away with the scabbing, it actually just needs to rise back to the surface of the skin. Although flaking and peeling has stopped, this does not mean the initial healing process is over. There are a few more layers of skin underneath that initial top layer that is still repairing itself and you just need to give it a little more time to resurface. Keep following your technician’s aftercare advice and the pigment will should resurface within the next 7-14 days (so long as you have followed the aftercare instructions properly).


We hope this helps with anyone who is concerned or intrigued to know about the microblading healing process. Please follow your technician’s aftercare advice, and stick to it accordingly.

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